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Mission and Vision Statements
Our mission is to ensure that all families have the tools available to them so that
Every Child or Adult Can Bloom!
Our vision is to provide iPads to individuals with autism that otherwise cannot afford them; in order to help them become independent adults.  

Businesses that actively donate to

Blooming with Autism

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Blooming with Autism Inc


​How You Can Help

We are always looking for volunteers, monetary donations and in-kind donations. We are also asking for people to share our fundraising events on their social media page. This will help us get more publicity; which will bring more people to the events; which will help us raise more money; and we will be able to help more families. 


*Create FACEBOOK Fundraisers PLEASE!

We are continuously fundraising and looking for help fundraising. BWA is always looking for businesses to sponsor and become business partners.  Please contact us @



We are accepting applications at again.  We have 100 applicants waiting right now, so it might take at least a year to receive your iPad.
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