If you have any questions about our grant applicaton, please read through our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before contacting us.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email us.  


1.  How much money do I have to make to qualify for a grant for my child?

    The income cut off is $60,000 per child, per application.  For example:  if you have two children and they     are both in need of help and have autism diagnosis, your family would need an income below $120,000.  



2.  I haven't worked this past year, but have my tax return from the previous year.  What should I


    Please submit your most recent year.  



3.  Will my child receive an iPad?




4.  Do I have to submit my tax return with my social security number on it?

     Please cover your social security number with either a black marker or white correction fluid.  



5.  Do I have to sign the Public Release form?

     Yes.  And you have to send in a picture of your child that is receving the grant.  



6.  Do I have to mail the application or can I fax it?

    The application has to be mailed to Blooming with Autism:  125 S. State Road 7;  Suite 104; #213;        

    Wellington, Fl 33414 


7.  Is there an age limit of the person requestion help?



8.  How can I help Blooming with Autism get donations to help me get my grant faster?

    Please share our website on your social media pages; share our upcoming events; ask your family and

    friends to get involved by sharing, as well.

9.  Are people from every state in the United States eligible to apply?