Hi Jodi.. I know I said thank you before, but I wanted to let you know that I got an IPad and Proloquo2go with the BWA scholarship and Aaron is starting to talk with it. I love it so much! I went to his school today to pick him up and his speech therapist and I talked about calling a new IEP really soon to add the IPad to it as an assistive device. He's gonna have it everywhere he goes and I am so happy and excited, that I can't even put the right words together to tell you how awesome you are! Without the BWA money, it would have cost us out of pocket almost $850. (case, warranty, ipad.. prolo.. ect.) Thank you so much Jodi.. you are the best!




MARCH 2014

Hi Jodi,

Both of the checks arrived today!! I am so excited. I know how hard you worked to raise these funds and I will put them to good use. I am sending you another email with some autism contacts here in Sarasota who you may want to contact about your organization & grants. 

Thank you sooo much!

Eileen Rous



MARCH 2014

On behalf of Ustavros Ramsay, the family expresses their sincere gratitude. May God continue to bless you & your organization!!!!!



MARCH 2014

Dear Mrs. Goldberg and the Blooming with Autism Foundation:

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the Blooming with Autism Foundation’s most thoughtful and generous gift of the Grant awarded to provide Brain Gym Therapy for my son, John Kusik, who has Autism. This Brain Gym Therapy will offer an opportunity to make a major contribution to his present and future life experience. It will assist in his being able to change the path of his future of which I am greatly appreciative. I as a single mother have been diligently working at providing my son with various activities and therapies over the years to assist him in becoming more independent and interactive as much as possible. He has over the years made a lot of progress and I am appreciative of yet another offer of assistance which has been awarded by the Blooming with Autism Foundation. 

Presently I work as a Home Hospital teacher with children who cannot attend School due to illness or other disorders which prevent them from attending School on a normal or routine basis. In addition, I also work as a substitute teacher or teacher’s assistant with children with special needs in the Howard County Schools. I also am going to School to obtain my Master’s Degree in order to obtain a full-time position which will better assist me in supporting myself and my son. I only have two more classes in order to finish the requirements for my Master’s Degree and I am hoping to graduate the end of this summer. 

If it wasn’t for the Blooming for Autism Foundation’s most generous assistance with the Grant for Brain Gym Therapy awarded for my son, I would not have been able to pursue further treatment/therapy at this time to assist him. This Grant money really means a lot to me and giving my son this opportunity means more to me than anyone will ever know. I greatly appreciate the work of you and your Blooming for Autism Foundation has done to support those families with children with Autism and am grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I ask God to bless you and all those who have a part in making the Blooming for Autism Foundation be a success. Again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity provided my son by the Foundation’s award for Brain Gym Therapy which will offer him the opportunity to make a great difference in his life and future. Thank you so very much!!





APRIL 2015

Awesome, can not tell you enough how thankful we are!!!! Please send info., brochures or anything else you would like for me to share. I work in an elementary school and there are 3 AU classes and I am sure the parents would love to have  information of your wonderful organization!!!!!

Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!